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Welcome to Spanish lessons online One on One, or in Medellin, Colombia.

I offer you the most effective, inexpensive and convenient way to take Spanish lessons.

  • My Spanish Online Lessons or my Lessons Face to Face (in Medellin, Colombia) are tailor-made to reach your goals.  These fully integrated lessons have a practical focus and include a range of interactive printed pages and online exercises for you to do online.
    • My program brings a qualified and dynamic private teacher right into your home or office.
    • Flexible Spanish Classes. Learn Spanish wherever you want, when you want, so you save time and money.
    • Latin American Spanish. Books can help you learn; however, only with native teacher you will be able to meet best quality. It is internationally recognized that the Spanish in Colombia is one of the best.
    • A native and teacher who is also a writer. Author of 6 books and 10 blogs. You will have a good time while learning.
    • 10 years of experience teaching at the University EAFIT provides an excellent method.
    • Students study this program because they acquire the language in an easy, effective, fun and fast way. 
    • Spanish for all purposes. Beginner, advanced or with specific purposes.
    • Learning Material Provided. All the teaching material will be provided to you.
    • The variety of resources (videos, documents, updated Web links, audio material) make students find interesting every lesson.
    • Dynamic classes. Conversation, grammar, reading, cultural issues, humor, topics for discussion, news, give the context of the real use of language.
    • In my lessons you not only learn current Spanish, but you will also discover many things surrounding the language, its customs and Hispanic culture and literature.


Affordable and flexible prices for my online Spanish tutoring program.

With my program  I will design the conversation around the subjects that are important for you: finance, school, traveling, etc. You will tell me about your needs and goals and I will work around them.

An easy way to learn Spanish!

An easy way to learn Spanish!

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My students are very successful. Read their stories

Con estudiante

«I have worked with Miguel for many months on Spanish grammar and conversation. Through Skype my experience is almost the same as if I were going to Miguel’s studio in Colombia for private lessons. Miguel is great with his explanations, exercises, and encouragement. I highly recommend this service for anyone who wants to learn Spanish».
Bill Blaze, Sacramento, California

«I have had the great pleasure of receiving Spanish lessons from Miguel Yepes over the past 2 years here in Medellin, Colombia.
Miguel is not only an extremely experienced professor, but manages to keep the lessons varied while still maintaining a structured approach to teaching and learning a new language.
No small thanks to Miguel I have gone from no Spanish to negotiation Spanish in a span of 2 years, and I have no intention to stop working with Miguel to improve my language skills.
I highly, highly recommend Miguel for anyone looking to learn Spanish quickly, efficiently and in an always relaxed and enjoyable way.»
Dr. Rune R C, lawyer. 2014

“Miguel is a great teacher. He took me at my pace and taught me the way I wanted to learn. He is incredibly patient and willing to take the time necessary for you to learn comfortable.”
W. Davis-Consultant


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